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Dr. Lei Zhang



Dr.  Lei Zhang is a doctor who specializes in pain management and  traditional Chinese medicine. She is determined to help patients  alleviate their suffering, so that more people can live longer,  healthier and happier lives. Throughout her years of study, she was  always the top of her class and received countless honors and  scholarships.

 Dr. Zhang prides herself in the care of her patients and by being  involved in the community. Starting in 2008 she was invited to the  "Herald Monthly" column written in Traditional Chinese Medicine,  so that more people could be informed of the benefits of Chinese  medicine. She has a history of partnering with the Christian Herald  center to help low-income patients who could not otherwise receive  medical care.

She holds clinic hours at USC to  provide students with acupuncture treatments which have been widely  praised. She has been able to build a caring relationship with students  who were in need of pain relief. These treatments were especially  beneficial to dance students whom were always grateful for the relief.

 Dr. Lei Zhang knows the importance of dedicating her time and energy to  her patients and she always goes above and  beyond. Her concern for the  health and well-being of her patients is her first priority.

她不仅关心她的病人,同时也关心社区。2008年,她以优异的成绩取得中医学博士学位。从2008年开始受邀为《Herald Monthly》撰写关于中医养生的专栏,希望以此能让更多的人得到中医的益处。同时,她也在基督教角声医疗中心为低收入的病人义务看诊。